Waves in GKP SA


Hospitable people and diverse varieties of fish dishes are cooling warm and humid weather of Dhaka. Discussions in GKP South Asia Regional Meeting organized by GKP SA, DNet and BNNRC during July 15-16, 2007 were sometime as hot as weather and sometime as cool as smiling people of the country. Members in the network brainstormed different options for ensuring strong regional presence in GK3. The ideas floated around the discussion was creation of GKP SA Pavilion that incorporates interactions on different issues of ICT4D specifically on telecenters (MSSRF Coordination) and e-governance (HLCIT Coordination); online platform launch, first hand case studies sharing present in South Asian Handbook (DNet Coordination), display of promotional materials of GKP SA (CSDMS Coordination), participation of grassroots representatives to share their experiences regarding impact of ICT4D interventions (FIT Nepal Coordination) and more.

Bellanet had provided inputs in designing prototype of web portal of GKP SA, contribution has been well recognized by the regional network. Keeping the continuity of this process, Bellanet took coordination role in activating the online platform of GKP SA. There was proposal to add flesh to the skeleton web portal so that it can be launched in the pavilion. Sula Batsu being close partner, it was suggested that Bellanet in Asia will explore opportunities to raise concerns of South Asia in the online platform of GK3 coordinated by Sula Batsu.

GKP SA stands as a strong network of likeminded organizations. Though there are some challenges of the network as increasing value addition to network members, equal participation of MSP stakeholders, developing mechanism to support members in crisis, empowering regional coordinator to capture and raise voice of network members and ensuring participation of grass roots based organization; commitment of the network members to conquer these challenges together can be looked as an indicator that hints towards sustainability of the network. Growing relationship and togetherness as a regional network has been increased immensely and credit goes to all the network members who had contributed in creating this hospitable environment of collaboration.

[Posted by Shikha Shrestha]