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Are oral technologies panacea to African traditions?

Oral traditions characterise the way Africans do their business. For generations since time immemorial, information and knowledge traversed swamps, forests, valleys, mountains name it, to reach destinations where it was most desired and valued.

Quite rudimentary, but the Africans have stuck to their guns. Songs, riddles, poems, stories, customs, proverbs and sayings as we know them have stood the test of time. Our children recite the same poems as we did and sing the same songs as we sang, although the difference could be in tone, time and language.

Telecom trends in Uganda getting interesting

Since the introduction of mobile telephony in Uganda in 1995, the tide is changing. With two national telecom operators, one cellular telecom operator and two more to be launched later this year, the fight for the telecom market is not just getting bizarre but interesting.

In the recent survey by Hallmark Events and Promotions, findings reveal that the two giant telecoms – MTN and Uganda telecom run neck to neck in the fight for the share of the market, which also means that they have the most subscribers on their respective networks.

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