Telecenters in Central America

On March 3rd & 4th, Costa Rica was the meeting point for Central American organizations that develop or promote telecenters in the region. Several organizations from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama met to share their experiences, lessons learned and coordinate future actions together.

The activity was convened by Sulá Batsú, together with, with the purpose of harnessing the potential of the different initiatives that have taken place over the years and open up a dialogue among these multi-sector actors to strengthen the scope and impact of these access to knowledge community centers. There were participants from government projects, universities, civil society NGOs and networks, as well as social entrepreneurships.

The encounter was also carried out in anticipation of the upcoming Latin American Telecenter Encounter that will take place during May in Brasil. Participants were also very interested in becoming involved with the global Telecentre initiative to highlight the work that's being developed in Central America which often slips under the radar of the ICT4D community due to the language barriers.