Groupsia c/o Bellanet Alliance support the creation of the new GKP Foundation website

 Groupsia c/o Bellanet Alliance assisted the GKP Foundation in the creation of its new website platform and virtual tools.     The new GKP Foundation platform is completely cloud-based and is a great example of threading together various web services into a coherent package of tools that are easy to maintain and minimize cost.

Bellanet has had a long tradition of collaboration with the GKP Foundation and its previous GKP Secretariat dating back to the late 1990's when Bellanet created the first global activity information management platform - GKaims with infoDev. 

The new website is based on Ning, but threads together aggregated news feeds of GKP members, embedded timeline tools, webstats, forms and contact management tools among many others.

The website can be found at