GKP 3.0 Task Force: evaluating and strenghtening networks

In December 2008, Groupsia was appointed by the Global Knowledge Partnership’s (GKP) Executive Committee to lead a small task force in conducting a consultative evaluation and visioning process for the future and role of this international organization.

Because of the changes in donors’ priorities due to the present international ICT4D and K4D environment, the GKP was finding itself in a delicate financial situation that necessitated both short term and long term decisions to ensure its sustainability. In this context, the GKP 3.0 task force was created to evaluate the organization by interrogating and gathering qualitative feedback from key GKP stakeholders and experts in the ICT4D field. Based on the information received, the task force would recommend possible scenarios for the future of GKP. This consultative process was two-fold and included an external and internal scan and called upon the knowledge of two experts:  Mike Jensen to evaluate the present ICT4D landscape and Steve Waddell’s knowledge on the creation and nurturing of international networks.

These recommendations were presented to the Executive Committee on May 27th in Paris in the form of a report with an interactive meeting. At this point, all recommended scenarios were presented to the GKP membership who will now get the opportunity to vote on the preferred option for the future of their organization.