November 21-22, 2006, (long overdue blog entry!) I attended a "double feature" conference hosted by the UN in New York: UN's new initiative GAID (Global Alliance for ICT and Development) partnered with AIT Global for the first day and the 3rd Web4Dev conference took up the next 1.5 days.

I had the pleasure of attending Web4Dev to share some experiences on collaborative tools, specifically through our experience of planning and executing Asia Commons: Asian Conference on the Digital Commons. I did my presentation (link goes to webcast + wiki notes) in collaboration with Mikel Maron, a free-lance web developer who had some interesting experiences to share on his use of wikis at UN INSTRAW in the Dominican Republic.

Sarbuland Khan, Executive Coordinator, United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) gave an overview of GAID (pronounced guyed vs. gade). "If we are to use ICT to empower the poor... the only way it can be done is with the support and the leadership of the private sector."

As for the Web4Dev portion, I came away not feeling as enriched by the experiences of others. I did learn a lot from those I met, but there certainly weren't enough opportunities for interacting and knowledge sharing given the traditional format of the conference.

[Posted by Allison on Monday, February 5. 2007]