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  • The Bellanet Alliance is an international network of organizations working to foster global and regional collaboration through the effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and Knowledge Sharing practices. Operating as an independent and self-sustained alliance of social


Mobile Beneficiary Feedback Tools

Acclar.org recently created a list of tools one can use for Mobile Beneficiary Feedback for development projects. They include:

- UNICEF’s uReport
- AKVO flow - that uses texttochange.org technology
- POI Mapper
- EPISurveyor
- Open Data Kit
- Frontline SMS

For more detailed information see - http://acclar.org/2012/10/30/mobile-beneficiary-feedback-tools/

Young Innovations creates AidStream.org IATI tool

AidStream was designed by Young Innovations (YIPL) in Kathmandu, Nepal with the support of aidinfo. It was designed specifically for smaller NGO’s to make it easier for them to share small sets of project/activity records.


Groupsia c/o Bellanet Alliance support the creation of the new GKP Foundation website

 Groupsia c/o Bellanet Alliance assisted the GKP Foundation in the creation of its new website platform and virtual tools.     The new GKP Foundation platform is completely cloud-based and is a great example of threading together various web services into a coherent package of tools that are easy to maintain and minimize cost.

IDML Initiative Site Re-launches - www.idmlinitiative.org

The new IDML Initiative website re-launched on January 27, 2012.    We hope this website can be a resource for learning about the IDML initiative and related early project/activity development efforts.  The site was inspired by Tim Davies who had contacted Simon Parrish (aid info) about research into past initiatives such as INDIX, CEFDA and IDML for his phD research. Over the coming months we will try to create a complete set materials on IDML, INDIX, CEFDA, and Aida.

Groupsia International and Megginson technologies launch Acclar - open aid data - www.acclar.org

Groupsia International and Megginson technologies launch Acclar - open aid data - www.acclar.org.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

In December 2009, Michael Roberts of Groupsia International was asked to collaborate on a project called The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI): a new initiative of the international development community aimed at making information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand, particularly for those in developing countries. Working alongside an international multi-stakeholder technical advisory group lead by members of the OECD-DAC, the project’s objective is to build an online database based on existing international standards and definitions.

TEDx Ottawa: collaboration for community building!

On Sunday, December 6th, the city of Ottawa hosted its first TEDx Talk: a local, self-organized event that brings together people from different communities and disciplines to be inspired by local speakers who take the stage to share their life experiences, passions and knowledge for the sake of collaboration and community.

Making ICTs work in conferences and seminars for better result

Bellanet Alliance has been putting its effort since quite some time in South Asia to make Information and Communication Technologies foster collaboration and sharing among development practioners in South Asia through SAP International. We have been trying hard to convince development practitioners in the region who still follow orthodox way of communication and collaboration to make effecient use of available tools and technologies.